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HOME TEX 2013 80 thousand professionals will visit the exhibition halls of Home-Tex product groups classified according to the CNR EXPO.

We expect to do well.

Quality Policy Thanks to our cooperation with popular brands and principle quality,we have the technological advances and capacity to answer our customers demands in Turkey and Worldwide.

Principle Service is to present always the best quality and Customer Satisfaction to our customers without making concessions from yesterday to today...
Services Sample Hanger Productions are the best solution for presenting your fabrics and being realized with using every kind of visual material.

Sample Hangers are produced according to your product types.You can make effective presentations with zig zag cutting,editing the fabrics,tagging and catalog printing.Thanks to these hangers you can realize effective presentations.
Swatch Card Types Thanks to our profession in fabrics and their pattern types,we arrange your orders perfectly.

We make your orders with quality combining our profession in printing press and design in Sample Hanger Production sector. Our first mission is to produce Sample Hanger with desired quality and just in time.
Design and Implementation We renew our design line day by day with our profession thanks to our modern design concept.

We produce your Sample Hangers totally representing and emphasizing your brand. If you want,we can make your Sample Hanger design or you can bring your design to us which you made in your agency and printing press.

Sample Hanger Production

kartela-secenekleriThanks to creative designing ideas,Metromat Hanger Services provide you to present your products with quality that fully represents your firm.

Catalogue and Printing Solutions

katalog-ve-baski-cozumleriMetromat presents printing services wanted quality and dimension in your catalogue and presentation works.

Products and Accessories

kartela-aksesuarlariIn addition to our hanger types,we also provide presentation and promotional materials as needed.

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metromat-hangerlandWe are ready to respond all your demands in a shortest time with our professional staff and our high tech machinery.

Our priority is to deliver your order just in time by keeping your fabrics pattern types with minimum wastage rate.

The Best / The highest quality / Fastest delivery Sample Hanger Services

Our Company that shows its form in Sample Hanger Production area in Bursa responds all demands around the world keeping its position in Sample Hanger Production. Our first mission is to give our customers up to date solutions with the innovations and investments that create difference in sample hanger producers.

Sample Hanger

The Sectors that the services we render are; Textile Industry,(Fabric Production,yarn production,curtain production,upholstery and etc.) The biggest reason for Sample Hanger requirement is to show the quality and the colours of your products or else its not possible that your products being realised without touching and seeing.

Textile Industry that remains on the top of our customer list is aware of this subject and give great importance on that.Metromat produce hangers without compromise the quality from cutting fabrics to labeling.

Sample Hanger Production Process

The biggest positive feature of Metromat is to deliver your order just in time by keeping your fabrics pattern types with minimum wastage rate with demanded quality from cutting the fabrics to labeling.

We render our services with the presentation materials that reflect you and the quality of your company without compromise on quality.The Metromat Hangerland that works with worldwide known brands produce sample hanger types for textile industry and needed other sectors; fabric hanger,textile hanger,wallpaper hanger etc.

Sample Hanger; Area of usage and Sectors

Even if it is thought that the sample hangers are used in textile sector,there is also other sectors that need the sample hangers.We can say that its the easiest way for you to present your products to your customers.For example;If you want to send sample of your products,there are big economic benefits for you.The area of usage are textile industry,paper industry,furniture industry,paint industry etc. Thanks to our creative design methods and product range we present the best solutions for our customers for years.

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Fabric Hanger Types

It is quite important thing to help the companies that produce or sell fabric,wallpaper etc. or sell when they want to present their quality and types of products.

Metromat produce the desired quality from designing sample hanger to producing it.

You can contact us for more detailed information about sample hangers that responds your presentation needs. If you want to examine our hanger samples,you can easily order demo work within the contact page.

Textil Sub-industry

Its a general term that is used for subsidiary companies in textile sector.

For Example:

    • Fabric Production
    • Dyeing
    • Cutting
    • Sewing
    • Ironing

Similar processes responded by subsidiary companies and they provide the creation sub-industry.

The importance of Textil Sub-industry

Generally,the power of textile sector is quite important to contribute to the  production potential.  Our country has an important position in World Textile Sector. The goods that are  exported to abroad and produced for a lot of brand  generate a great potential.

Production and quality in the sector

Capacity and quality that are needed  also by textile sector like other production sectors constitute a great importance for companies. It is seen that many companies render service for textil sub-industry from quality control to reflect the quality.

Hanger Sample

Creating sample works about product sample hangers we identify your needed sample hanger. Hanger Sample is important for responding customer requests and also for costing. Hanger Sample also provides the production problems before taking manufacturing the goods.

Our first goal is that our works must be useful for our customers in Turkey and also all over the world. We produce our hangers with  low costs  and high quality under our control to present your brand.

Metromat ( Hangerland) always supports its service. Besides,  Metromat (Hangerland)  protects the quality line from  design of work to production and from labelling of work  to delivery.

Sample Hanger and Textile World

Sample Hanger is a life-saving promotion method in the needed sector. Sample Hanger is a way of presenting your products whose features and the quality hard to be understood by people. (Fabric, paper, colour, pattern, upholstery, etc.)

As its understood from the subject heading, Sample Hanger is indispensable promotion method for the textile world. Its the most effective and easiest way for your products to present theirselves in stores, in production field.

You can make great presentations all over the world thanks to sample hanger by lowering the weight and editing types of products. The Sample Hanger is the first choice in textile sector; such as the yarn production companies and fabric production companies.

kartela-dunyasiWe provide needs of textile sector and accessories  to answer all demands top-level in import and export of Turkish Textile Industry and garment industry thanks to our worldwide.

Swatch Card Samples

Creating sample works about product sample hangers we identify your needed sample hanger and we provide to present your products colour,tissue,quality to your customers.

Hanger Samples Types changes according to your demands; hard cover, cataloged, binding cloth hanger, binding paper, hot stamp printing, printed, without printed, emboss, special cut, with pvc, without pvc, Uv lak and without Uv lak etc.

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